Managing T1D On My Wedding Day(s)

Awhile back I had considered writing a post about our wedding day and how I managed to navigate this dream day while balancing T1D, but I honestly felt that although the day is a once in a lifetime experience, my T1D was no different than the day before. So why should this change the way I manage it?

After having not one, but two very different weddings, I wanted to share a bit about how I went about managing my diabetes on these separate occasions. I had a very different approach to my diabetes management in Canada compared to India, which neither were entirely my intended way to go about it. 

In Canada, where you would think it would have been easier for me to manage I was more worried about my blood sugars and ended up with slightly higher numbers than I would have liked. 

In India, where almost everything to me was an unknown from the food, the culture and the hundreds of people I would be meeting, I somehow managed my blood sugars without a hitch. Maybe this was due to a gazillion things happening at once that I didn’t even have the chance to stress or worry about my blood sugars, but I also think that food was the key player in the success of this. For the two weeks we were in India I was eating a low-carb, plant-based diet and which most of it was fresh, home cooked food.

So if there is any advice to give I would say these 3 tips would be it. And really these would apply to anyone on any special day or big event…

  1. Be prepared, as you would be for any other day. 
  2. Be mindful of your food and drink intake. 
  3. Relax, and remember to enjoy your special day! 

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Mental Health Pop Up in Toronto

Mental health and type one diabetes go hand in hand. Meditation, mindfulness and therapy are all useful tools for taking care of your mental health and managing T1D.

Are you curious about mental health, meditation or therapy? My friends at Orchid Therapy are holding a Mental Health Pop Up on May 9th in downtown Toronto!

  • Participate in a guided group workshop where you will learn how to Rewire Your Brain
  • 1-on-1 therapy sessions
  • Hang out in a dedicated quiet space with unlimited tea and snacks, comfy seating and reading material

Location: StartWell, 786 King Street West, Toronto, ON

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