How Long Have You Had Type 1 Diabetes?

A common question I have come to know in the diabetes community is, “How long have you had type 1 diabetes?”. We don’t ask this question to try and guess someone’s age or to know how long they have been suffering for. The answer to this question is so much more than just a number. It is a question of hope.The first time I met a type 1 diabetic who was an adult and had diabetes for over 40 years, I was completely blown away. I had never thought such a life was possible for myself living with this disease.

Through putting myself out there in the type 1 diabetes community, I have met so many diabetics from all different paths in life. I have met young children who were diagnosed at birth, teens and adults who were recently diagnosed (yes adults can get t1d too!), and I have even met a diabetic who has had t1d since the age of 20 and is now 72 years old! After they told me this, my next question was, “So, what’s your secret?”. We both laughed.

I encourage everyone who is a type 1 diabetic to put yourself out there and get involved in the t1d community! Meet new people, start talking, ask questions and share your story. You will find it truly humbling and comforting in knowing you are not alone. No one is there to judge you or to say you that you are a “bad diabetic”. We all have our faults and our bad days. We are all human. The diabetes community is like no other with the greatest support for one another. It is filled with inspiring and uplifting individuals. Shake off your fears and get out there!

So tell me, how long have you had type 1 diabetes? Share in the comments!

P.s. 17 years and counting!

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