Homemade Chocolate Bites

After nearly a year of contemplating to go ketogenic I finally bit the bullet, with some encouragement and a bit of research, of course. It’s been just over a month since I made this lifestyle change, and although still very fresh and new to me, I can already see the impact it has had on my blood sugar control.Read More »

Heart Chakra Balancing Green Smoothie

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I am sharing with you my heart chakra balancing green smoothie. When we take a look at the chakras, more specifically the fourth chakra which is also known as the heart chakra, it is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart as one of its main body systems.  The colour associated with the heart chakra is green, hence the GREEN smoothie! Imagine if we all gave out greens for Valentine’s Day instead of sugar-filled chocolates and sweets! Maybe from this post I will ignite a movement for next year! 😉

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