Diabetes, Data & Dexcom

Life has been crazy this year to say the least. I met the love of my life, graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist, travelled to the UK and India, then moved to the UK, travelled back to Canada TWICE, got married and still have a second wedding to come in India next year – phew!

For an average person this would be enough in itself but, on top of all things including managing a full-time job remotely, I manage a second full-time job, type 1 diabetes. Now, if I didn’t have a Dexcom, I’m certain I would still be able to manage this disease on my own. However, having tech and tools like Dexcom, a continuous glucose monitor, it has given me a bit more wiggle room to breathe and relax during what has been one of the most exciting, stressful, nerve-wrecking and happiest times of my life. And if you know type 1 diabetes, then you know emotions and stress play a big role in blood sugar variability. Dexcom has helped me with my diabetes management but also life management in a lot of ways. A few examples are:

  1. Wearing a Dexcom has taken away a bit of the worry of having a hypo (low blood sugar) at night. As a heavy sleeper, I’m lucky to have my husband who will check the alarm if I continue to snooze through the noise. Love you, Sid! 
  1. In the past six months, I have gone from using an insulin pump to pen injections and back to the pump. This can be a tough transition to make and especially doing it so many times within such a short time period of time. Having the Dexcom made adjusting my basal rates and ratios seem like a breeze as I was able to see and catch the trends of what was happening with my blood sugars.
  1. We all know travelling with type 1 can be a hassle (ahem, airport security…), but especially when travelling in different time zones. From Canada to the UK to India, I was travelling between 3 different time zones within the span of two weeks. Changing clocks and different foods on offer can make adjusting ratios and basal rates a huge task in itself. Managing type 1 diabetes is a day-by-day, hour-by-hour exercise, so having Dexcom gives me the data I need to make quick and educated decisions on the go.

A lot of the time with type 1 diabetes, we can be overly hard on ourselves and have high expectations of our numbers. Most of us are type A personalities and tend to lean towards perfection. With type 1 diabetes, perfection does not exist. Having a continuous glucose monitor like Dexcom can be daunting at times having numbers fed to you 24/7; however, it’s important to remember that this is just a number. Think of it like a bench marker of data giving you insight into what is happening behind the scenes that you wouldn’t have seen without the Dexcom. I like to use this as a tool to empower myself to make more educated and proactive decisions with my diabetes management. 


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